WILMA RUDOLPH - Little People Big Dreams


Wilma was born into a family with 22 brothers and sisters, in segregated southern America. She contracted polio and her doctors said she would never walk again. But Wilma persisted with treatment, and she recovered  by the age of 12.  At school, she earned the nickname 'Skeeter' (mosquito) as she ran so fast. In the 1960 Olympics she not only won gold medals but also broke world records.

Not only does this book celebrate the life and outstanding accomplishments of an record-breaking black woman, it also shines a light on the racial injustices that she had to endure throughout her life because of the colour of her skin.  This book can be used to start a conversation with your child on the injustices black people still face today.  We have to educate a new generation to be anti-racist, so that in the future we can live in a fairer, more equal world.  Black Lives Matter.


100% of profits from the sales of this book will be donated to two anti-racist charities. Both aim to tackle racism in the UK and create a society in which everyone has a chance to thrive and be treated with the respect that they deserve, regardless of the colour of their skin.

Click here to find out more about each charity and a list of black owned independent book shops in the UK which we urge you to support.

  • Author: Vegara, Isabel Sanchez & Flower, Amelia
  • Format: Hardback
  • Illustrated: Full colour
  • Pages: 32
  • Dimensions: 240x195mm
  • 5-10 years