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The Longship

"Island craftsmanship meets international style"

The Longship captures the essence of Orkney: proud of its heritage, but embracing the best the modern world has to offer.

The Longship shop 110 years ago!
The early days, c1900

Founded in 1859 by the great-great-grandfather of the current owner, it started life offering ‘continental produce and imported wines’ – still a passion. Since the 1960s it’s been best known as a specialist in high quality gifts, including our own Ola Gorie jewellery. In 1997 we added designer clothes and accessories to the mix, reflecting owner Ingrid Tait’s background as a textile designer with her own Tait & Style label.

Started on the basis that good service is the first base of efficient service, this house has continued that excellent policy down to the present day. Courteous and efficient service backed by sound experience, indeed make it a pleasure to shop here.” The Traveller, c1920.

The Orcadians are not an insular people. The need for trade and travel brought horizons far wider than their island shores. They developed a strong culture – Scots mixed with the traditions of their Norse ancestry. An identity that is confident in itself, yet open and welcoming to visitors.

We like to promote the talents of Orkney’s best designers and craftspeople, including knitwear from Hume Sweet Hume, mugs and jugs from Westray Pottery, jewellery from Grace Girvan, woollens from Isle of Auskerry and graphics from Britt Harcus. And complementing them is our personal choice of designer clothes, accessories, gifts and homestyles from around the world.

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A very cool store which constantly knocks the socks off southern visitors.” Sunday Herald, 2001

Our friendly staff are ready to help you choose from our range of Ola Gorie jewellery, designer clothes and accessories and our wines. They can also offer a range of services such as gift wrapping, wedding lists and tax-free shopping. A friendly welcome is guaranteed.

Our aim at The Longship is simple: to create a fusion of island craftsmanship and international style in the heart of Kirkwall.

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The Longship

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