Gifts from Orkney

The Longship is a family business, based in Kirkwall since 1859.  We pride ourselves in supporting other independent designers and craftspeople from across the isles.  
Gift Card

The Longship

Orkney Barn Owl Wooden Postcard

The Wooden Postcard Company

Pom Hat Arrow - Haar and Ink

Hilary Grant

Beacon Hat - Rust

Hilary Grant

Harbour Scarf - Navy and Ink

Hilary Grant

Harbour Scarf - Ink and Rosehip

Hilary Grant

Beacon Hat - Ink

Hilary Grant

Organic Large Necklet

Alison Moore

Beacon Hat - Oxide Green

Hilary Grant

Enamel Pebble Pendant - Seagreen

Grace Girvan

Rammo in Stenness

Abersee Press

Harbour/Ochre Ogham Hat

Elaine Ward