White Flowers Wax Melt


Relax with the fresh floral scent of white flowers to establish a mood of calmness blended with notes of Sicilian lemon, basil and neroli combined with a heart of amber.

  • Embrace the allure of Olor's indulgent wax melts. In every packet, you'll discover 6 delightful segments of luxury fragranced wax, each one ready to transport you to a world of scented bliss.
  • Hand-poured, hand-finished and hand-packed in Derbyshire, England. 
  • Packaging made from 86% recycled plastic
  • 50g


Top Note:
Unwind and relax with the soothing and fresh floral top notes that set the stage for tranquility. The fragrance opens with the delicate and serene scent of white flowers, embracing you in a gentle floral bouquet. The addition of white lavender adds a calming and soothing touch, establishing a mood of calmness and relaxation. These top notes create an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity.

Middle Note:
As the fragrance unfolds, a captivating heart note emerges, showcasing a harmonious blend of citrus and herbal notes. The vibrant and zesty essence of Sicilian lemon adds a refreshing twist, while the aromatic notes of basil bring a hint of greenness and freshness. The delicate and uplifting scent of neroli adds a touch of floral elegance. This middle note combines the bright and invigorating qualities of citrus with the herbal and floral elements, creating a sense of harmony and balance.

Base Note:
The fragrance concludes with a comforting base note of amber, providing a warm and grounding essence. The amber adds depth and richness to the composition, wrapping you in its comforting embrace. This base note enhances the overall relaxation experience, bringing a sense of tranquility and comfort. The combination of white flowers, white lavender, Sicilian lemon, basil, neroli, and amber creates a fragrance that helps you unwind and find inner peace.


  • Choose a segment from the 6 segment wax melt pack.
  • Place it in a wax melt burner or warmer.
  • Light a tealight or switch on the warmer.
  • Enjoy the scent as the wax melt (approx. 4 hours per segment).
  • Extinguish the tealight or switch off the warmer.
  • Let the wax cool and solidify.
  • Re-melt the same segment or choose a new one to continue enjoying the scent.
  • Each pack provides approximately 24 hours of burn time.

To remove the wax from your burner, wait for it to fully cool down. Then, gently push the wax, and it should easily come out as one whole piece. Enjoy the effortless cleaning process and get ready to experience the next delightful scent.

    About OLOR:

    Based in Derbyshire, OLOR specialise in creating a world of captivating scents that will uplift your spirits and enhance your sense. Handmade in the UK they use high quality ingredients to create candles, diffusers and more, perfect to enhance your space with effortless sophistication and long-lasting aroma.