Small Multicolour Spot Scarf - Oatmeal


A small all-season scarf with multicolour spots on a contrasting background, the reverse side has a more subtle tweed pattern. Wear tucked into a jacket, shirt, or coat for a pop of colour. Small enough to have in your bag for chilly moments.

Soft smooth jacquard knit, one side patterned, the other soft contrasting stripes of tweed. 

For Scottish knitwear designer Jo Gordon, being part of the process from design to manufacture to buyer is vitally important.  Jo specialises in creating knitwear that will be as enduring as the origins it comes from – knitwear that you will want to care for and in return will serve you well.

Knitted in Leicestershire, England

103 x 14cm

100% Scottish spun lambswool certified by the Responsible Wool Standard, 

Dyed using 100% organic dyes.

Looking after your knitwear

It is recommended you dry clean your garment, however you can hand-wash carefully using the following instructions: Hand wash in cold water with a specialist wool detergent. 

Look out for a Woolmark symbol on the packaging. It isn't recommended to use a washing machine, as your knits could shrink. 

Press out excess water in the sink, then gently press between a folded towel to soak up more water, do not wring out. 

Lay flat to dry, away from direct heat.