Plant Care Set


This plant care set includes all that's need to feed and care for your plants.  Specifically developed for indoor plants, this plant care set is a wonderful gift to any new plant parent or if you are looking to help revive a plant. 

Included in the set is a 100ml  organic plant food and glass atomiser. The natural plant food can be used for all of your plants - just always check each plant's specific needs (as some like to be fed on their leaves and some prefer to be misted on the base and the stem). This plant food is made using nutritious seaweed harvested from a beach in Norfolk. Rich in trace nutrients and carbohydrates, it helps your plants to grow strong and healthy.

How to Use:  To use the plant tonic, fill the clear glass bottle with water,  place two droplets of feed into the water - shake to disperse and then happily mist the base or leaves during the growing season once every 7-10 days.  (Make fresh every two weeks).

All Norfolk Natural Living products are vegan and never tested on animals.

About Norfolk Living: 

Our perfumery and workshop is nestled in a small historic town in Norfolk, England. Surrounded by the beautifully scented lavender fields and white sandy beaches for which the Norfolk landscape is famous. Our all-natural range is the embodiment of my passion for the Norfolk countryside and coast which is a constant source of inspiration.

All of our products are biodegradable, non-toxic, free from chlorine and bleach, use plant based ingredients and are gentle enough for even a baby's delicate skin and it goes without saying we would never test on animals. We bottle every formulation by hand and use only natural ingredients formulated with therapeutic blends, designed to improve your wellbeing.