Naples Branch Candle


Ilex Studios was founded in 2020, with the aim to promote the growth and planting of more trees. 

Their newest product, The Branch Candle, is made from 100% Beeswax and cast from branches found on their team’s daily walks. Each of the colourway editions are titled based on the settings of the tree - the first from the series is from Ravenscourt Park in West London.

Traditional and modern candle-making techniques are combined to capture all the organic details of the branches. 

Beeswax is a fantastic material as it is a natural, renewable resource that burns a smokeless flame, drips less, lasts longer and emits a sweet, subtle honey fragrance. It is one of the only waxes that does not emit any toxins. 

All Branch Candles are sustainably made in the Ilex London studio. The packaging is screen printed by hand with water-based paints, on post-consumer recycled British cardstock, cut with a 150-year-old machine and held together with a simple copper staple.

Height: 33 cm / 13inches
Diameter ø: 2.2 cm / 7/8 Inch (standard size)
Burn time: 10 hrs