Mini Pearlie Hoops


Mini Pearlie Hoops are a pair of small, charming earrings with the cutest small pearls. If you love mixing and matching all kinds of small hoops, Mini Pearlie are just the ones for you. They add an extra element of lively elegance whether you choose to use them alone, or in a lovely combination with others.

Size: 13 x 3.5 mm

Made from: 18 karat gold-plated 925 sterling silver and Freshwater Pearls

Style no: E295G

Enamel Copenhagen jewelry is made from precious metals, stones, and pearls. They use 925 sterling silver, and their gold plating is18K solid gold. We also work with freshwater pearls and zircons. All the colored pearls on this jewelry is made with hand painted enamel.

About Enamel Copenhagen 

'ENAMEL Copenhagen is a Danish jewelry brand founded in 2012 by designer Marie Rantzau, and creates joy through beautifully designed jewelry created with love for the craft.' - Enamel Copenhagen, 2023.