Midnight Forest Candle Holder - Burgandy Tall

£9.95 £14.00

About this 'Tall Burgundy Red Ribbed Glass Candle Holder’:
Trade-in your traditional metal candle holders for a modern twist on the classic. This contemporary glass candle holder is ready to revamp any festive dinner table and makes a fabulous statement piece for your windowsills and Christmas party decor.

Candle Holder Size: 12cm high and holds 2cm candle depth and width

Flipping the script on worn-out Christmas ornaments, this dark red candlestick holder will wow your guests and create a stylish seasonal vibe that adds cosiness to any gathering.

How to style this 'Tall Burgundy Red Ribbed Glass Candle Holder’:
Designed to hold a dinner candle, this vibrant piece will sit comfortably on any flat surface and is sure to make a lasting impression. With its deep burgundy colour, it looks great paired alongside our autumnal and winter themed orange and red home decor or as a standalone Christmas centerpiece.