Jana Hoops - Gold


The beautiful Jana earings, plated with 18-karat gold are extremely versatile. They are understated with a calm color pallet, adding a subtle ‘pop’ to everyday outfits in a relaxed manner. They are also exceptionally elegant with their long, stunning expression and shining details. Jana in the brownish shade has a delicious, warm hue that adds calmness and exclusivity to your choice of jewelry. The Jana earrings with blue and green stones create a fresh look and can be worn year-round, complimenting all skin tones and hair colors. The stones on the earrings are natural and might appear different in shade and look.

Knowledge about the stones:
Quartz is a stone that has a spirituel guiding effect. It gives you a more open spirituel channel, plus calmness, joy and stability.

The yellow Quartz is a semiprecious gemstone, that should make the sun shine in your life by bringing you happiness and success.

Style no: E348G

About Enamel Copenhagen: 

'ENAMEL Copenhagen is a Danish jewellery brand founded in 2012 by designer Marie Rantzau, creating joy through beautifully designed jewellery created with love for the craft.' - Enamel Copenhagen, 2023.