Fern Cotton Throw - Light Green

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Green is often thought to represent tranquility, a colour that symbolises nature. This throw is all of that. Bring nature and calm into your home with this 100% cotton blanket. Take a breath, relax and envelop yourself in nature and tranquility with this stunning throw inspired by the natural beauty of ferns. With a subtle design of delicate fern fronds, this throw really stands out. Finished with a soft fringed edging, you can almost begin to feel the gentle movement of the ferns.

This throw is the perfect addition to any home. It is your perfect extra layer all year round with cotton’s natural insulating abilities. Keeping you warm in the winter and cool in summer.

130 x 190 cm (51 x 75 in)

100% Pure Cotton

Care - 

40 Warm Washing Cotton – use liquid detergent, delicate programmes – cold wash, wool wash, hand wash, wash on its own.

Do Not Bleach Cotton – please do not bleach your cotton product as it will destroy the fibre and affect the colour.

Drying Cotton – you can tumble dry your cotton product on a low heat.

Ironing Cotton – you can gently iron a cotton product on higher heat.

Dry Cleaning Cotton – if you are not confident to wash an item yourself, we advise you to use a dry-cleaning service.