Dinnerplate - Antique


Dinner guests are sure to notice this plate with its eye catching colour and shape. A big part of its success is Sthål's beautiful glazes. Antique green has been a favourite since it was launched. It's an effect glaze that gives fine decorative crackles and with its runny texture creates decorative colour shifts on the beautiful stoneware. Just as the plate is suitable for all kinds of dishes, it is also right for all kinds of colours and table settings. 

  • Dimensions: 28cm 
  • All plates are made of durable white stoneware clay.
  • Oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.


About Sthal: 

A love story between Swedish design and Portuguese craftsmanship. 

We are Sthål - Susanna Theander and Helena Åkesson-Liedberg. Two Swedish creative souls with a background in illustration, styling, design and cookbook creation, united in a love for great food, good friends and finding beauty slightly beside the mainstream. Realising we shared the same dreams, we quit our professions as graphic designers in 2010 and presented our first ceramic collection "Arabesque" two years later. Dishwasher safe and ready for microwave or oven use, it combines inspiring design with practical convenience. With our hands firmly in the clay, we've since developed and refined "Arabesque" into a complete collection of modern stoneware with the ambition to create the lasting quality of future antiques. The story continues... Welcome to our world.