Carli Bracelet - Gold

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This exceedingly beautiful Carli bracelet is colorful and playful with stones in various stunning colors and sizes. The Carli bracelet is composed in a unique and exciting way, with stones in soothing shades. The stones are genuine and natural, characterized by the beautiful imperfections that each stone possesses. The Carli bracelet makes a very strong statement alone but if you love to mix and match, it’s perfectly paired with a simple chain bracelet. The stones on the bracelet are natural and might appear different in shade and look.

Knowledge about the stones:
The yellow Topaz is a semiprecious stone that should make you grateful for everything in your life and bring you fortune.

The Aquamarine is a stone that has a protective effect. It gives you calmness, joy and stability.

The Aquatic Agate is a semi-precious stone with healing powers. It is said the Aquatic Agate creates balance between the right and the left side of the brain and strengthens the immune system.

Style no: B119G

Enamel Copenhagen jewellery is made using precious metals, stones, and pearls. Using 925 sterling silver, and 18 carat gold plating, they also work with zircons, and freshwater pearls and All coloured pearls are produced using hand painted enamel.

'ENAMEL Copenhagen is a Danish jewellery brand founded in 2012 by designer Marie Rantzau, creating joy through beautifully designed jewellery created with love for the craft.' - Enamel Copenhagen, 2023.