Riso Print - Ducks In A Row


Looking for a kitsch small print to complete your gallery wall? Or perhaps a mid-century modern feel art print?

Bobbie Prints new 'Get Your Ducks in a Row' retro risograph print could be the answer.

Calling back to those retro favourite, flying duck wall plaques made famous on Coronation Street, this A4 riso print captures the quirky fun and retro feel in a modern illustrated bird print.

Available un-framed but intended to be used with most high street, off the shelf frames. 

  • Print Type - Risograph (A process similar to silk screen printing but using stencils on ink cylinders within a printer)
  • Measurements - 21cm x 30cm
  • Available Colours - Mallard
  • Paper & Ink Type - 250gsm recycled card off-white card using soy based inks.

About Bobbie Print

Bobbie Print is home to a collection of thoughtfully illustrated mini greeting cards for people who believe that a picture is worth a thousand words.

On a larger scale my collection of prints are designed for lovers of colour and pattern who see bare walls as a blank canvas to fill with their own personal style.