Rammo in Stenness



I gid in me own time’s voar among

a guid skrythe, aipsan atween doors

fae wan student flat tae anither. I’d shower

wi thowts o voices that teemed thi air,

kennan we’d soon be mullan ower

music or Voltaire, guys who widna luk

at wir eyes when they spokk, steam risan

fae hot cups. Is their a better wak than

thi wan ye mak tae see yer freends?

Nights in May wi family steyan, pizza

for tea an home by nine. Whar turns in

when thi dark’s a blip an thi day begs

daean at a lick, I hear a hunder thoosand

yamils sayan hii! Mak use o yer legs.

 . . .

Twenty-seven poems by Ingrid Leonard, a fresh and powerful new voice in Orkney writing. Ingrid was born and raised in Stenness, and currently lives in Lithuania. She has had poems published in several magazines and anthologies. This is her first collection.

An A5 sized, 36 page, soft-cover booklet.

Published 25th January 2022 in an edition of 300.

. . .

Warning: contains strong language.


. . .

'Leonard writes with wry wisdom of communication across cultures, and the often troubled relationships between smaller countries and their larger neighbours. As a chapbook, Rammo in Stenness is an intriguing snapshot of work in progress, which may settle into different patterns by the time Leonard publishes a first full collection. As it stands though, this is work of both promise and distinction, gestating its griefs and joys in the Northern dark and carrying them ‘in sweat and song to the earth’s clean womb /to be blessed by a sun gaining strength.'

David Whatley, Northwords Now, Spring-Summer 2022

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Abersee Press is a small publishing imprint run from a back room of The Longship.  It publishes short runs of lo-fi booklets, generally dedicated to new writing from Orkney.  Its editor is Duncan McLean.