Midnight Forest Napkins - 20 Pack


While the rest of the world was sleeping (and you were busy wrapping gifts), the little elves were working away to create these whimsical woodland napkins. Featuring forest foliage, a variety of mushrooms and bright berries, these woodland paper napkins will bring alive the joys of nature in your home. Not only are these adorable napkins sure to be a favourite with your guests, but they will also help to keep our forests and national parks green for years to come as they are fully recyclable, and for every pack of napkins sold we plant a tree in its place.

Napkin Size: 33cm x 33cm unfolded
Pack Size: 20 paper napkins + 1 extra

Help to keep our forests and parks green for years to come by recycling the packaging in a home recycling bin. Instead of plastic packaging, there is an extra napkin at the front of each pack that will protect the rest.

Product: Widely Recycled
Packaging: Widely Recycled