Hoptimist Bumble Medium - Orange


 Most smiles start with another smile. The classic Hoptimist is the essence of smiles, optimism and good humour, and with its bright, cheery colours and round, harmonious silhouette it spreads joy wherever it finds itself.

  • Product code: HM26107
  • Materials: ABS/Steel
  • Dimensions:L x7.5W x8.5H x10.7cm
  • Weight: 0.16kg

About Hoptimist

 A Hoptimist is all about smiles, optimism, and high spirits. Give a Hoptimist and experience the joy of giving. Gustav Ehrenreich created the first figures in the late 1960s, which have gone on to earn themselves a place in Danish design history. Today the happy movement consists of a wealth of happy, brightly coloured Hoptimists for every occasion