Fingerless Mittens Arrow - Haar and Willow


These best selling “Arrow” pattern was one of Hilary Grant's very first, and has been in their collection for over a decade now. In all new colours for 2023. 

This new and improved style—better shaped to fit the form of your hands, allowing for greater comfort & movement. A slightly denser, warmer knit than their previous mitten.

  • Versatile fit / Fits a wide variety of hand sizes
  • Knitted & hand finished in Scotland. Our yarns are spun & dyed in Kinross, Scotland.
  • 100% superfine Lambswool. Hand wash or dry-clean only. Dry at room temperature + iron/press gently.

Hilary designs her knitwear in her studio in Orphir, Orkney. She works closely with small mills in the Borders of Scotland to produce knitwear using innovative textile production methods and traditional hand-finishing techniques.