Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

Climate change is one of the most pressing concerns of today.  At The Longship we’re looking at ways to be more environmentally friendly, reducing waste and recycling wherever possible. It’s impossible to do everything, but small changes can gradually make a difference.  Here are some of our favourite brands that are leading the way in creating sustainable, ethically produced goods. 

Dearest Fannie is a business built by two sisters based on the question: Why can’t sustainability be fashion?  They’re passionate about creating products that are reusable and long-lasting, in order to guarantee a minimum amount of waste.

The Dearest Fannie Ditsy Cloth is one of the most sustainable ways you can remove your makeup - it acts as an alternative to wet wipes and cotton pads that are neither biodegradable nor recyclable.  The super soft, hypoallergenic cloth removes all makeup, even waterproof mascara - just add warm water and wipe away.  You can use it as many times as you like before placing it into the washing machine along with your clothes.



Brighten up your dinner table with these beautiful mouth blown tumblers from British Colour Standard.   Every piece is handmade by skilled artisans from recycled glass, and they are also fully recyclable.  Check out more of British Colour Standard's recycled and vibrant homeware here.

A large number of clothing brands are reassessing the ways in which they can adapt their manufacturing process to create a more sustainable fashion industry. Many designers are seeking out new and innovative ways to become more environmentally friendly, now taking a totally new view on the materials used in production of garments and goods.  Paul Smith has created the Rocket Knitted Trainers from 100% recycled plastic. The polyester used to create the upper is made from recycled post-consumer plastic. This means that the plastic has been used, collected, cleaned and reprocessed so it can be used again.



Roka London are passionate about maintaining a sustainable and fair approach across all aspects of their business. All of Roka’s products are vegan, animal friendly, and produced in socially-compliant factories.  In a pledge to to reduce waste in the ocean, Roka has created a line of Sustainable bags, made using 12-13 recycled bottles.  The production of the bags also uses less energy than other traditional production methods.


At The Longship, we want to get away from the fast-fashion, throwaway culture that perpetuates a cycle of high consumption and high waste. We like to encourage a more conscious way of buying, in the hope that you can make investments that are sure to be future classics. We believe in the simple philosophy of buying less and buying better.