Julian is a Mermaid

Julian is a Mermaid

Julian is a Mermaid is an award winning children's picture book by writer and illustrator Jessica Love. It follows the life of a young Afro-Latinx boy and his nana. It is a simple yet important story that we think you and the children in your life may enjoy...

On a subway ride home with his nana, Julian is mesmerised by three beautiful mermaids. He wants to be a mermaid too, so when he gets home plays dress up. He uses his nana’s plants to resemble the mermaids flowing hair, he throws on her lacy curtains for a swishy tail and adds a dash of lipstick for a purple pout! Julian is worried that his nana will be angry when she sees his transformation, but instead he is welcomed with love and acceptance.


An excerpt from Julian is a Mermaid - Click here to view


The writer and illustrator, Jessica Love, explains that she ‘wanted those kids who might start the book saying, ‘Hey, why is he in a dress? He’s a boy!’ to go on the journey with him, feel empathy when he is downcast and elation when he finds his people.’ This is a beautifully illustrated book, full of colour and joy. It celebrates individuality, self-expression, diversity, and above all else the unconditional love between a grandmother and her grandson.



What people have said about the book: 

"This charmingly subversive tale [...] offers a simple yet powerful story of the importance of being seen and affirmed." - Kirkus Reviews

"This beautiful book is one of the very few picture books about a gender non-conforming child. Yet it feels like a celebration of all children who want to do things differently than the parental figures in their lives—and a love letter to the grownups who deeply understand them." - The Gothamist