Thimble Hanging Planter - Light Grey


This Thimble Hanging Planter features a metal O-Ring so you can hang it off a screw hook in your ceiling and waterproof rope that won't get wet and rot. 

While there is no drainage, a shallow layer of pebble in the bottom will ensure your plant gets the drainage it needs.

Added plus! If you're a love of plants that are on the pet toxic list, you can now get them in your house and up and away from your furbabies.

Product Details

  • Material: Clay
  • Dimensions: 5" diameter and 6" tall
  • Finish: matte 
  • Cleaning: warm water, damp cloth
  • Indoor pot and saucer


  • 5” houseplant and tropical plant size
  • Comes with metal o-ring and rope, fixture for ceiling not included
  • Pairs well String of Dolphins, Spider Plant, Chenille Plant, Ferns