The Dupe Game



Alvar Korhonen is a reputable Finnish Art Dealer who’s been negotiating art deals at the Helsinki Art Fest for years. Only this year he’s unwittingly brokered a deal that isn’t all that it seems and is putting his life and that of his children at risk…

He was supposed to deliver your message but has had to leave the city and go into hiding. He was scared the message would be intercepted by those after him, and so has stashed it in our online vault and put 7 puzzles together from his last few days in Helsinki.

How To Play

You have 7 puzzles to solve, which together create a passcode

Enter the passcode online and reveal the secret message

You will need access to the internet

Clues are available online, in case you need them

Personalise Your Puzzle

The game is ready to play so open up and get going...


Hide a customer message (text, image or video) in the vault and surprise your friends and family when they discover it. 

You will need to scan the QR code on the back of the envelope to add your own secret message. 

Good To Know

Suitable for 14+ years old

1-4 players

Playing time is 45-90 mins

Bobby and Will, the creators of Puzzle Post, have always loved a brain teaser, and wanted to create a customisable experience to make game-play even more exciting. All mystery puzzles have been thoroughly tested on their friends and family to make sure your playing experience is second to none!