Pleated Hem Trousers - Soft Green

£50.00 £95.00

Smart yet comfortable style in a neutral, khaki colour.

Style No. 35839

Colour: Kaki 025

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Materials: 63% Polyester, 33% Viscose, 3% Elastane.

Yerse are a principled brand that want to contribute to society beyond fashion and image. They have a commitment to responsibility to both our social and natural environment. To join up with social inclusion projects and work to minimize the environmental impact of our actions. The quality of the materials they use and the sensitivity of their designs are made to last in the memories of women who wear Yerse and to become part of them.

Yerse clothes bring with them an attitude of responsibility: towards the environment, towards the producers who manufacture them and towards the women who wear them. That implies humanized production rhythms that are not the fastest, but the most conscious. Because doing things well takes time!