Pack of 3 Seed Sets - Classique Européen


This set of 3 seed packets will give you a taste of Europe. Elevated classic flavours.

Full instructions for growing, caring for and harvesting your plant-babies on the each packet of seeds.

Paris Market Carrot
The Paris Market Carrot, also known as Tonda di Parigi or Marche de Paris, is a round heirloom variety from the 19th century. What these small carrots lack in size, thy make up for in flavour - they are deliciously tender, bite-sized and bite sized, with very smooth skin.

Plant Size – Width: 10cm Height: 20cm
Container Size: Width 30cm Height: 20cm
Companion Plants – Tomatoes, Lettuce, Parsley, Onions, Garlic Chives, Nasturtium.

Gigante d'Italia Parsley
This parsley is a deep green, broad-leaved plant, with strong stalks, a fresh, slightly spicy aroma and tangy-sweet flavour. It is known as 'Sellerina', because it's long stalks can also be eaten like celery.

Plant Size – Width: 20cm Height: 45cm
Container Size – Width: 30cm Height: 20cm
Companion Plants – Tomatoes, Peppers, Radishes, Garlic Chives, Alpine Strawberries

San Marzano Nano Tomato
San Marzano tomatoes are, without doubt, gods of the tomato world. With it's firm, thick flesh and sweet taste, this variety was found to be perfect for the manufacture and exportation of 'pelati', which have become popular all over the world.

Plant Size – Width: 45cm Height: 90cm
Container Size -  Width: 30cm Height: 30cm
Companion Plants – Basil, Nasturtium, Okra, Borage, Garlic Chives, Mint

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