Oatmeal Espresso Cup


Caitlin Bowbeer is an illustrator and self-taught potter from the West Coast of Scotland who works from a small studio in Edinburgh. With a background in Illustration and Graphic Design, she combines these practices to create contemporary ceramic pieces that are minimal and functional, whilst taking on characterful forms or incorporating illustrative elements. Caitlin’s most recent pieces have been influenced by the sand-swept and rocky landscape of the Scottish coast, and the neutral grasses and bracken of the highlands.  

Sip your morning espresso from this adorable ceramic cup, decorated with a subtle oatmeal design. 

Please note that because of the handmade nature of this product, each item may vary slightly, making each cup totally unique!

Handmade in Scotland

Dimensions (approx)
Diameter: 6.5cm at widest point on the base
Height: 6.5cm