Ness of Brodgar Pendant


For over five decades Ola Gorie, the original Orkney jeweller, has explored her Norse and Celtic roots to find inspiration for stylish, modern jewellery. All this time, under her feet, lay the greatest inspiration of all.

The Ness of Brodgar sits at the centre of an ancient ceremonial site: enigmatic standing stones, a Neolithic 'cathedral' and beautiful, intricate rock carvings. Now these 5000-year-old treasures, newly discovered and explored by archaeologists, have inspired a stunning new jewellery collection.

Ola Gorie founded the jewellery company that bears her name in 1960. From the start, she decided that there could be no compromise on the quality of the jewellery she was making.  As her business grew over the years, she instilled in all who worked with her an unwavering commitment to the highest standards. It’s a matter of pride for us still.

This beautiful silver pendant draws inspiration from that ancient, enigmatic art, and makes it into something fresh, new and stylish.  Jewellery for the ages. 

The Longship is the home of Ola Gorie Jewellery.  Ola's range is huge, with over 500 pieces to choose from, and it has its own dedicated website:  Ola Gorie Jewellery.