Nature Insolente Eau De Parfum 50ml


This fragrance is composed of natural origin and vegan ingredients and supports the ‘zero plastic’ objective, with the Maison Matine's new cap made of recycled cork and rubber.

Top note: orange, lemon, bergamot orange

Middle note: lily of the valley, mint, honey melon

Base note: vetiver, cedar, musk

Maison Matine is a Parisian perfume house that was founded in 2019 by Arthur Ponroy and Marie Kellou. Imbued with depth and meaning, each of the brand’s free-spirited fragrances is limited edition and embodies a different facet of a world in motion. Developed by a range of different perfumers, the scents are daring and creative, characterised by unconventional pairings, complex fragrance journeys and artfully illustrated bottles.