'Make Your Own' Bird Feeder


This simple kit provides all the components kids need to design and make their own unique birdfeeders from old tin cans. An activity to enjoy with all the family, encourage children to reconnect with the environment and engage with feeding the wildlife in your outdoor space.

With all the components made from recycled car tyres and plant pots, they will gain practical experience on how to reuse and recycle household waste.

The Make Your Own Bird Feeder kit includes:

  • 2 x wraps
  • Feeder base (made from recycled plant pots)
  • Rubber stopper (made from car tyres)
  • String
  • Instructions with an educational section on why it’s important to reuse, recycle alongside how their bird feeder is helping to save the planet.
  • A parental guide on how you can link the making of the feeder to key stage 1 and 2 sustainability topics your children will be covering in class.
  • Extra wraps are available to purchase

The Circular Mission:

"At Circular&Co. we passionately believe that Circular Design can put an end to waste and pollution, it provides a real chance for practical change at a time when the world desperately needs solutions. The circular economy is about extending the life of our resources so we can constantly reuse, and every time we reuse we increase its value, that way it becomes sustainable."