Large Vase 25cm


The Wild+Wood vase has a patination individual to it due to the height of the walls, there is a satisfying weight which gives it stability whether there is a single flower or a large bouquet.  As with all the other products the concrete is treated with bees wax to give it a slight sheen and a soft touch, it also enhances the natural patination of the material too.

This is made from eco concrete but still has traditional granite sourced from a local quarry in Leicestershire.

Size: Height 25cm Diameter 13cm

John was originally drawn to concrete as a creative material because of its versatility, beauty and preconceptions of use. Unfortunately though, concrete has typically large environmental footprint. The basic statistics are that to make a metric tonne of cement produces 950kg of CO2, it also takes 1.3 tonnes of rock to be quarried to make it from. Baring this in mind, John was able to consult professors studying alternatives and began to create a new, less environmentally impactful, concrete. The two key points are that the CO2 cost of manufacture has dropped from 950Kg per tonne to 50Kg also, the amount of rock needing to be quarried to make it from has dropped from 1.3 tonnes to zero. This is because the queried material has been replaced with industrial waste.

John continues to look into ways of reducing Wild + Wood's carbon footprint and experiment with environmentally friendly materials.