Faro Circle Scarf - Ink & Kelp

Colour: Ink & Kelp

Hilary designs her knitwear in her studio in Orphir, Orkney. She works closely with small mills in the Borders of Scotland to produce knitwear using innovative textile production methods and traditional hand-finishing techniques.

A tapestry-like 2 colour pattern which appears at once familiar and contemporary. Close up, the "Faro" pattern resembles naive pixel art. From a distance it evokes the relaxed orderliness of a traditional Welsh blanket.

Knitted in a 1 ply, superfine reverse jacquard, with pattern on both sides.

A lightweight + easy to wear style. Worn open, folded in half, or wrapped to create a snug + neat fit. Ideal for Spring/Autumn. 

Dimensions: 22 x 120cm round.

Knitted + hand-finished in Scotland from 100% superfine Lambswool.