Glazed Flower Pot 10cm - Petrol Blue


This Copenhagen flower pot is a gorgeous hand-glazed planter that is immediately recognizable thanks to its intense glaze, a gorgeous detail that becomes elegantly expressive on the windowsill or table where it can catch the sunlight. The planter was inspired by a pot first manufactured at the royal castle in Denmark during the 19th century. Today, Bergs Potter crafts their own version in a small village in the heart of Tuscany where each piece is made by hand from Italian premium clay. The quality materials and careful design create a premium planter, one that lets the roots of the plants breathe and thrive while retaining moisture in the soil — the truly optimal environment for your beloved plants.

An under saucer is included with the pot.

Material: Earthenware

Size: Height: 9,5 cm, Outer diameter: Ø10 cm