Roka / Bag

Flannel Small Bantry B Backpack - Ginger


Each Bantry can be carried comfortably on your back or by your side with the hand straps. The Bantry features a front pocket closed by a sturdy zip, a secure inside pocket, and a laptop/tablet sleeve inside.

This Bantry comes in Recycled Canvas. The Canvas has a textured look and matte feel. The gorgeous super soft flannel lining and outer detail are made from cotton.

Small: Our cutest ROKA London bag is great for all your daily needs - mobile phone, keys, wallet, and more!

Size: 32cm x 23cm x 10cm. Capacity: 7 litres.

  • Outer material: Weather-resistant recycled canvas (triple-coated)
  • Base material: Weather-resistant canvas (triple coated)
  • Lining material: Flannel cotton
  • Hardware: Galvanised, smoked, branded metal
  • Straps: Cotton webbing adjustable shoulder straps and wide loop handles, v-factor comfort
  • Zips: Sturdy durable chunky zips allow easy glide and quick opening for all ages
  • Vegan Friendly: Our products use no animal products

ROKA bags are washable, and a simple clean with a wet sponge usually does the job. The materials used are designed to be durable and weather resistant and the straps will become softer and more comfortable with use. Will build ROKA bags to last, and we think they look even cooler once used for a while!