Fine Weave Small Fairtrade Basket


The Basket Room's coloured baskets are hand made by a small Kenyan weaving cooperative of forty ladies, with a dedicated dye manager appointed to oversee colour consistency and quality. They keep this highly skilled collective busy with regular orders of this popular style, so sisal grass is sourced ready-rolled when orders come in. This local grass is hand-dyed in large vats and hung out to dry before a traditional twining method is used – a meticulous skill that most weavers have known from a young age.

Buying these blocked colour baskets actively supports the weavers in supporting their families through the perilous dry seasons, where subsistence farming - their main source of revenue – can suffer. The Basket Room are proud to empower women with the flexibility that basket weaving offers, as well as engaging in a truly fair trade. Each woven basket is supplied with a thank you card from this Kenyan weaving cooperative.

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.

15cm X 13cm