Coco Unai Sugar Free Chocolate


Coco Unai is a Scottish based business striving to create healthy, natural chocolate bars without compromising the taste.  Alice Foster, the creator of Coco Unai, always had a sweet tooth, however it was when she was at University in Aberdeen that she noticed a gap in the market for sugar-free confectionary alternatives.  

Coco Unai believes in the use of high quality ingredients and a high percent of cocoa in each product. Sweeteners used include erythritol and stevia as they are both naturally sourced. Stevia comes from the stevia plant and erythritol originates from corn. Each bar also contains a high percentage of fibre, which also helps to sweeten the product. 

Alice is passionate in understanding the nurturing that goes in to each stage of the chocolate process: from a new pod growing on a tree in Indonesia, to the finely roasted nibs that are used back in Scotland.  In 2019 she travelled to Indonesia to visit the community-building cooperative that play an integral part in the production of each delicious chocolate bar.


  • Low GI
  • Natural
  • No Laxative effect
  • Diabetic friendly
  • High fibre
  • 72g