BAKKA Shetland Mini Scarf


Mary Macgregor moved to Shetland in 2010 to start a small business in textiles, and now creates heritage Fair Isle textiles under the name BAKKA.

Mary’s aim is to help preserve Shetland’s famous Fair Isle heritage by bringing it into the 21st century with modern takes on ancient tradition.

Collections are knitted on an industrial machine and dent to Bakka to be finished. The hand-knits are all knitted in Shetland by highly skilled Shetland women.

Approx size: 110cm x 13.5cm

100% superfine merino

Made in Shetland

How to care for your garment

Handwash in lukewarm water using a mild wool soap. Gently squeeze out excess water, spin at the lowest RPM, then carefully block out flat to shape. Steam press carefully when slightly damp. 
Alternatively, this garment may be professionally dry-cleaned. 

Design 4 - Black/White