Small Oatmeal Jewel Geometric Scarf

£100.00 £146.00

From their range of smaller jacquard knits. The softest, smoothest jacquard knitted lambswool. Bright geometrics on the facing side and muted on the back for a styling option.

Great for every season, tucked into a jacket for some colour and warmth.

Knitted in England from 100% lambswool

105 x 14cm

 Looking after your knitwear -

These simple instructions explain the best ways to look after your knitwear so that it will continue to serve you well for many years.

Washing and drying -

We recommend dry cleaning, however you can hand-wash carefully using the following instructions: Hand wash in cold water with a specialist wool detergent. 

Look out for a Wool mark symbol on the packaging. We don’t recommend using a washing machine, as your knits could shrink. 

Press out excess water in the sink, then gently press between a folded towel to soak up more water, do not wring out. 

Lay flat to dry, away from direct heat.