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Gifts and Souvenirs

A small selection (ten to be exact) of the hundreds of quality gifts, souvenirs and homestyle brands we have selected this year for The Longship. 

Our ranges are ever-changing, and cover all kinds of areas from tableware and glassware to frames and mirrors, from cards and wrapping-paper to books and candles, from coffee pots and carafes to ceramics and of course lots of lovely jewellery. 

We love colour, we love quirkiness, but we value the practical as well as the whimsical.  Here’s a taster of where our enthusiasms have taken us lately…

Joseph Joseph is a favourite of ours – at home as well as in the shop!  What greater compliment?!  Founded by twins Richard and Antony Joseph in 2003, their kitchenware is practical, loveable, and (above all else) colourful.

Strike a light!  Fantastic interlinking candlesticks from Black & Blum.  Fun, affordable, contemporary designs designed by Dan Black and Martin Blum, an Anglo-Swiss partnership based in London.  We love the way they reinvent simple everyday objects in fresh, imaginative and sometimes humorous style.


Catherine Tough did a placement at Tait & Style in Stromness a few years ago…and she’s now got a growing reputation as a designer of delightful gifts and quirky knitwear.  We’re pleased to welcome some of Catherine’s lavender-scented birds and beats to The Longship – and we particularly liked this colourful Catty-Face.



Super trendy Toy Watches.  Need we say more?  Okay, we’ll just drop a few names...all Toy Watch fans (though not necessarily bought from The Longship, we admit): Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, Lenny Kravitz, Sienna Miller, Chris Martin, Ashley Tisdale, Oprah Winfrey, Owen Wilson and Karen Scholes…

Black & Blum again – just cause we like them so much.  Meet James, a hard-working bookend.  He has door-stopping relations too.  We also sell a small selection of books – mostly gift books and cook books – so you can pick up a tome or two for James to work with.


Gill Galloway-Whitehead’s work stopped us in our tracks.  Beautifully handcrafted from gold and silver, each piece is unique.  The gold wires suggest fragility, but the bold shapes of the brooches convey an inner strength.  Very contemporary, but very elegant.


Dot Dot DOF - Red/ClearDot Dot DOF - Red/ClearDot Dot Pitcher w/Lid - Red, White & ClearDot Dot DOF - Red/Clear
Perfect for juice, water or even Sangria!  Zak specialise in melamine tableware – hard wearing, unbreakable, functional and fun.  Founded in 1976 by Irv Zakheim – hmm, I think I see where the company got its name – our Zak shelves are always eye-catching – and quick to empty!



We loved these interlocking bowls from Joseph Joseph.  They brighten up the drabbest kitchen, and are cleverly designed to be multi-functional – pouring, measuring, mixing – as well as bonny to have on a shelf.



I wish you could smell these as well as look at them!  (Can we get aromas through broadband yet, webmaster?)  Somerset-based Lily Flame make a huge array of scented candles that actually smell like it says on the tin!  They’ve been best sellers for years, and there’s only one reason for that: they make your home smell delicious.



Ashortwalk is the slightly strange name of this small company, established in Truro in the far south-west of England by Dan, an ex-Dyson designer.  They specialise in recycled products (this clock is made from old plastic coffee cups, though you’d never know) and also, they say, in anything that helps you ‘live life and puts you just ashortwalk from where you want to be.’  Sounds fine to us: nothing in The Longship is more than averyshortwalk from anything else

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