Ecotec Erbaluce Striped Cardigan


An A-symmetric seam down the middle makes the Erbaluce cardigan stand out. Button down the front to close. 

Mama B design each collection with today's practical woman in mind. Dynamic, urban, simply essential, each piece is made with a close attention to the materials and lines that she wants to have in contact with her body and soul.

The company was founded in 2008 from the desire to convey emotions through its products and create a certain form of wellbeing for customers when wearing them. All Mama B garments are born and created in Italy. This means the materials and the garments, along with the designs, are all made in Italy.

Ecotec stripe Rigato fabric: 96% Cotton 4% Elastane
Machine wash at 30 degrees.

Mama B's Ecotec Fabrics

Transforms waste & production from the textile industry into new beautiful yarns.

56% reduction in emissions of greenhouse gas

55.6% in energy saving

77.9% of water consumption in the whole production

 Paired with the Pareo scarf, Isola top and Pino Trouser.



Colour: Thyme/Timo

Style: Erbaluce E/R Ecotec Rigato