Bari Vase - Small in Brown Dots


Ceramic vase, matt finish, inside glazed

Design: Marita Lindholm

Material: Ceramic

Size: Height 6 cm

This ceramic product is handmade, so it is recommended to be extra careful when placing it product on a surface which is sensitive to moisture. Each piece is handmade so therefore design, colour and thickness may vary. 

A Swedish family business, the heart and soul of Lindform’s beautiful handmade vases belongs to Scandinavia. Taking inspiration from the natural world, the earthy tones and simple, minimalist forms of these most delicate of ceramics is thoroughly Nordic. With their compelling shapes, textured surfaces and muted colours, Lindform ceramics have an ability blend with their surroundings but still be noticed. With a keen focus on craftsmanship, Lindform take great pride in their high quality products and also in their eco-friendly credentials.