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Clothes and accessories

Our goal is simple: to bring the finest designer fashions to Orkney. We visit fashion shows, studios, trade-fairs, catwalks and ateliers to find clothes and accessories that are up to the minute, affordable, and right for our customers.

For twenty years Ingrid Tait exhibited at these events with her own Tait & Style accessories: this gives her a unique set of contacts throughout the fashion industry. Ideal for spotting the next big thing before it happens…and making sure it happens in Broad Street as well as Hackney High Street!

Some labels we stock are virtually unknown in this country, like Indiwomen, while others, like White Stuff, have high profiles across the UK…and now in Orkney too. New lines arrive frequently, and we’re constantly looking to stock clothes that appeal to a wider age range, in a wider range of sizes.

Here’s a look at some of our current faves.

Some of our faves

Nice Things really do design very nice things. From Barcelona in Spain, but increasingly well known here too. Appeals to all ages…as you can see.


Nica Kim Bags

Nica Kim was born in South Korea and trained as an artist before coming to the UK and launching her bag collections in 2005. Definitely one of our favourite brands, Nica’s background as an artist shows in her attention to detail.


Indiwoman is new for 2010, and we’re excited! Another company with its origins in northern Spain, it’s now making waves around the fashion world with its very cosmopolitan, feminine look.

Monica Boxley

Monica Boxley started life as a jewellery designer, but – like the model in the photo – we were really bowled over by her handbags. Each one is hand-made at her studio in London, and the jeweller’s eye for quality and detail is very apparent.

White Stuff Clothing

White Stuff have such a wide range of styles and looks we’ve given them three photos instead of one! Definitely a brand whose popularity is rocketing skywards, we were delighted to introduce them to Orkney in 2009. Quirky knits, stylish coats and jackets, sophisticated dresses and skirts…White Stuff really has it all.

Kipling Handbags

Is Kipling the name of the monkey? We don’t know. But we do know that these are ideal holiday bags: washable, hardwearing, lots of pockets – but very stylish too. Mr Kipling does make exceedingly good handbags.

Nancy Mac

Nancy Mac has been a hit with Longship customers for several years now. Highly adaptable: you can dress ‘em up or dress ‘em down to suit your mood and the occasion. This spring/summer: lots of bold but well-balanced shapes and colours.


Sandwich has been a hit for even longer than Nancy Mac. Labels don’t build up a following in Orkney because they’re a flash in the fashion pan: the clothes have to be of high quality, the designs contemporary without being way-out and the price just right. Sandwich consistently ticks all of those boxes.

Tait and Style

We couldn’t leave our fashion and accessories pages without a little glimpse of our very own Tait & Style. Our looks are as varied as our models: from the ‘traditional with a twist of Fetlar as worn by Sir Walter Scott, to the chic, felted Petalfall as worn by the talented Ms Donna Wilson. All designed and/or made on the premises! To see a lot more Tait & Style, you don’t have to look far, just here.

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